Tokeneke students create "art for the sky"

Tokenke students recently partnered with an artist to create

Tokenke students recently partnered with an artist to create "art for the sky"

Tokeneke School

The students of Tokeneke Elementary School participated in “Art for the Sky” last Thursday. Student’s K-5 and all teachers and administrative staff took to the field to create the image of an eagle, the animal on Tokeneke’s seal. Wearing black and white, the participants entered a blue border made of jeans and mulch to form an eagle.

Daniel Dancer, creator of “Art for the Sky,” said Tokeneke Principal Mary Michelson saw the “one page” Dancer sends out “to principals once or twice a year and loved the program and decided to go for it. She loved the Six Teachings (on and thought it was a perfect fit for her school,” he said.

Dancer is from Oregon and has been doing Art for the Sky for almost two decades now and has completed around 400 projects in 42 states and eight countries.

Chair for Enrichment Programs for the Tokeneke PTO Maija Judelson, said they “thought it was a wonderful event to bring our whole school together to create this image. Our motto is ‘Together we can make a difference’ and this project seemed fitting.”

Judelson continued, “As he says, each project utilizes math, science, art and imagination to make it all come together. He talks a lot about the environmental concerns and encourages us all to view the world as a ‘whole first’ using what he calls our ‘Sky Sight’ - viewing the world from the sky giving us a different, whole perspective. We need to see ourselves as part of a bigger picture!”

Dancer spoke about his experience working on his project in Darien. “I loved Tokeneke school, both the beauty of the school itself and the way it reflected the tight knit community feel of Darien. All the teachers were very enthusiastic about the project and everyone was very respectful and patient on the field as our sky art eagle came into being.”

Art For the Sky is a team building activity for schools and special events that helps dissolve boundaries that often exist in daily lives. The creations are an artful blend of science, history and math: a whole-body way of stimulating our imagination to see the elusive “big picture” and help participants better understand their interconnection with all life.

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