The Royle senior housing project: 95% complete

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Just the finishing touches remain to be completed at the local development now known as The Royle at Darien.

At the recent meeting of the Darien Housing Authority Commission, JHM Financial Group owner and developer Todd McClutchy said the construction work on the site — formerly called Old Town Hall Homes — is about 95 percent completed.

“The majority of everything is done at this point,” he said. “We are finishing up some final inspections and miscellaneous items throughout the building.”

Four people are scheduled to move in by mid-August.

The Royle at Darien project involved demolishing a complex of six buildings and 30 apartments at 719 Boston Post Road and creating a new stand-alone building with 55 housing units.

The affordable housing complex for seniors was originally the site of Royle Elementary School. The $20 million development is financed through a combination of private and public funds.

Making progress

Completed work at the development includes the paving of the parking lot. Also, the building passed its fire test.

All utilities are connected to the building.

Additionally, furniture will be set up in the common areas. The deliveries are expected soon, as construction is completed and the building has had its final cleaning.

While the community and computer rooms have been completed, due to social distancing, “their doors will be locked until we figure out a plan on how to do this,” Housing Authority Chairman Joe Warren told The Darien Times. “There will be very strict rules in place to make sure we don’t do anything that will compromise anybody” in terms of possible coronavirus exposure.

Due to the hot weather, the landscaping will be done in the fall, which will be a better planting time, according to Warren.

Check out the model units

Two of the units in the development have been furnished as model units to show prospective owners how the finished homes look.

Photos of the staged model units are posted on The Royle at Darien website at

Walk-throughs planned

Members of the Darien Housing Authority recently took a walk-through of the development.

First responders are also planning a walk-through.

“The first responders should take a look at the building before it gets occupied, so they have a sense of what they might be up against if there’s an incident in the building when it is occupied,” Warren said.

COVID-19 precautions

Due to the pandemic, the residents will be moving into the development on a spaced out schedule to ensure there aren’t too many people going in and out of the building at the same time.

“We are trying to space this out so nobody is forced to come into contact with anybody else,” Warren said.

Units to fill

The Royle is still looking for referrals and recommendations to fill several units. The housing is for residents in the 60 percent area median household income bracket.

“That is the highest bracket,” Warren said.

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