Did you know that the year 2020 marks the Bicentennial Anniversary of Darien? That means that this year, Darien turns 200 years old!

Here are a few dates we thought you might want to know.

→ Around 1641, the first English Colonists settled in the Stamford area, which included Darien at the time.

→ In 1698, Darien’s oldest house (still standing) was built (email us if you know which house it is).

→ To accompany the population growth of the area we now know as Darien, the Noroton River School district was formed in 1703.

→ Not long after, in 1737 the area had grown enough to establish its own parish, named Middlesex. → 3 years later, in 1740, the first meeting house was established in town. (email us if you know where this is).

→ In 1781, during the Revolutionary War, Tories from Long Island raided the First Congregational Church, taking 47 captives including fierce Patriot Reverend Moses Mather and town citizen and Assemblyman Thaddeus Bell.

→ Almost half a century later, after surviving British captivity, Bell would go on to secure Middlesex Parish’s independence from Stamford and Norwalk in 1820 and rename it Darien. The townspeople wanted to name the town Bellville - but Thaddeus Bell wanted none of that - he chose Darien. (future articles to discuss why this name!)

→ In 1848, the first railroad came to Darien, and in 1864 we opened our doors to the country’s first home for disabled veterans, soldiers and orphans, founded by Darien’s own Benjamin Fitch. In 1958, the I-95 was built through town, making Darien the perfect commute to the bustling city of New York. Stay tuned for next week’s article to learn more about our town of Darien!

The History Kids of Darien are a group of middle and high school students keeping you informed about Darien’s history. If you are interested in joining us or would like to learn more about what we do, please email us at: historykidsofdarien@gmail.com.