There has been a continuing problem with cars driving the wrong way into the Heights at Darien apartment community.

At a recent Darien Housing Authority meeting, members discussed an ongoing issue of cars going the wrong way down a one-way street at the Heights, on Allen O’Neill Drive.

“It’s a danger for people going the wrong way,” said Joe Warren, Housing Authority chairman. “But it also presents a danger for people entering onto Noroton Avenue when they come out the wrong way, because cars are not expecting a car to come out of that one-way street.”

The majority of the drivers traveling the wrong way are private deliverers, Housing Authority members said. It is rarely a resident.

Warren said the Housing Authority can’t stand by and wait until there’s an accident or a problem.

“We better do something to try to keep this under control before that accident occurs,” he said.

The police department has been alerted to this problem.

The Housing Authority will continue to look at this issue and will examine how it’s addressed at other locations.

Watch the Darien Housing Authority Commission meeting on Darien TV/79.