After almost eight continuous years of operation, Darien's TV79 is going off the air -- but only for a few days and for some badly needed repairs and enhancements.

"Our gear has been running 24-7 since we signed on in 2006," general manager David Dever said in a news release. "Over the years we kept adding more and more equipment, creating quite a rats nest of wiring. It's time to rip it all out and start fresh."

The work, which should take four to five days, begins Monday, Aug. 11. Full-time broadcasting should resume by the end of the week.

The rewiring will be paid for by a grant from the Area Nine Cable Council using money collected from Cablevision subscribers.

"While we are off the air, we will still be recording any meetings that week," program director Jim Cameron said. "We figured that mid-August would be a good time to get the work done as the town's meeting schedule is light and lots of folks are out of town on vacation."

Darien TV79 is a service of the town, operated by volunteer and paid staffers. Its programming is available to all Cablevision subscribers in Darien. The station's programming is overseen by the Darien TV79 Advisory Board, whose members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.