Chris Filmer, president of Friends of Selleck’s Woods and Darien Land Trustee, recently happened upon his ‘favorite’ swan with an injury.

His property borders on a river. The swan had been hooked at the wing by an abandoned fishing lure and while trying to remove it with his beak , found his beak also hooked. The swan was locked in a contorted position, and unable to swim properly for 12 hours.

“The core problem was how to get an injured swan to a place he could be lifted four feet out of the water without doing any more damage to him,” Filmer said in a group email shared with The Darien Times.

Filmer used his rowboat to take the Darien Police’s Animal Control Officer to the riverbank and the officer lifted him out of the water with a dog catcher net. The officer covered the swan’s head with a towel and spent ten minutes removing all the barbs.

“The swan then spent many hours cleaning the mud off himself and after a nights' rest, went swimming the following day,” Filmer said.