DARIEN — Darien Summer School is going digital, after school board members heard a proposal at a board meeting on Nov. 22 on how to put together a new, completely online catalog.

Darien Summer School offers educational and enrichment classes, as well as transition programs, for students preparing for the upcoming school year. Kaitlin Stanton, a school counselor at Darien High School, recently took over as the new summer school director and is helping assemble a new course catalog after the previous director’s departure.

“We were confronted with the daunting task of putting together the program after the previous director left us with no direction,” said Marjorie Cion, the schools’ director of human resources.

Stanton has a background of running successful public programs. She worked at Ridgefield Parks and Recreation for 12 years and has worked as its camp director for the past six years. During this time, she helped the programs go from losing money to pulling a $450,000 profit per year and is responsible for hiring, activity planning and management of the camp.

Stanton proposed the idea of going digital with this year’s Darien Summer School catalog, which offers adult education and enrichment classes. According to Stanton, last year, 13,000 students registered online, while only 15 came in to sign up in person.

The towns of Greenwich and Wilton have entirely digital catalogs.

Stanton said it costs $6,000 to print and mail the paper catalog, money which could be used for additional marketing material for the program. She presented a flexible marketing plan where those additional funds could be used to promote the new digital catalog.

Starting this month, the summer school website will be updated to reflect the new classes and to become more user-friendly. Stanton said she hopes to print postcards to send out, highlighting the new catalog. Additionally, a notice will be posted on the Darien Public Schools website.

More Information

More information

Website: dariensummerschool.com

Facebook: facebook.com/DarienSummerSchool

Twitter: @dariensummersch

In January, fliers will begin going out at school events and in locations around town, alerting people to the online catalog. An email blast will highlight the registration date and urge parents to sign up early. Registration will open sometime in January and run until June. Stanton will continue to advertise the catalog through social media.

“Social media is a really great resource we can use,” she told the board. “It’s something that a lot of people use, and people get updates there all the time.”

In addition to going digital, the Summer School will start offering new classes, including ceramics, yoga, dance and Young Hacks Academy, which helps students develop leadership skills through computer programming, problem-solving and teamwork. A Tiny Chefs Cooking Camp, which features two weeks of cooking courses, is also planned.