DARIEN — Police charged a 39-year-old Stamford man after he was pulled over for improper registration and presented police with a license that appeared to be glued together.

An officer observed Elder Gonzalez, of Frederick Street, driving a green Subaru without a front license plate down the Post Road around 4:15 p.m. Aug. 17. The officer ran a check of the Honda’s rear plate, which showed it belonged to a red Honda Accord.

The officer pulled over the Stamford man who admitted the plate wasn’t his and the car belonged to a friend. He gave the officer a New York license with the name “Eddy Moreno.” According to police, the license was obviously fraudulent and seemed to have been glued together. Gonzalez insisted when questioned that the license was legitimate, but a bar code scan revealed it belonged to a New York license under a different name.

Gonzalez was arrested for criminal impersonation, first-degree forgery and improper use of a marker plate. He was also charged with failure to insure a motor vehicle and driving without a license. Gonzalez was brought to police headquarters where he admitted to his real identity and that he bought the fake license in New York City for $150.

Gonzalez posted a $500 bond and was released with a court date of Aug. 28.

EKayata@hearstmediact.com; @erin_kayata