The Friends of Music of Saint Luke’s Parish are proud to present Cascada de Flores, a San Francisco based, family friendly, Bi-national ensemble of musicians who find the joy of creation, individual expression, and musical communication within Mexican and Latin traditions on Saturday, Oct. 12 at 5 p.m. in the Anderson Youth and Community Center.

Cascada de Flores has recorded 5 albums, creatively collaborated with theater, film and dance, and performed throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. Cascada will bring together a wide variety of genres with a dizzying number of traditional instruments featuring story-telling and percussive dance in a concert of Mexican and Cuban music. The concert, lead by Arwen Lawrence, will celebrate how art and humanity flow, ignoring national borders.

Andrew Gilbert of the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News said, “Featuring Arwen's ravishing voice and guitarist Jorge Liceaga's supple accompaniment, Cascada de Flores brings intoxicating energy to the Latin American songbook.”

All proceeds from the concert will benefit Saint Luke’s Friends of Music, which seeks to bring world-class musicians to the local community.

Saint Luke’s is located at 1864 Post Rd in Darien. A limited number of tickets may be purchased on the parish website at