Spread Love Not Germs seems to be the theme of the times. And now, thanks to a Darien business, it is also a t-shirt.

While keeping herself and her family safe during the pandemic, Shannon Doherty, owner of Darien’s Coco+Lala, and her family decided to create a product to benefit others. The store is closed, and her four children are missing family members while social distancing.

The efforts will provide some sustainable for the store while also donating some of the profits to feed children who rely on school systems for meals.

Doherty’s children Leontine (Lala), Colton (Coco) and their little sister Peachie wanted to make t-shirts for all their friends and family to spread the message to wash your hands. The Doherty children’s ‘Spread Love’ t- shirts quickly gained popularity, sold out within the first two days and are now restocked, available for purchase online at www.cocoandlala.com and on Instagram @cocoandlalawatchhill

The sale of ‘Spread Love’ t-shirts not only spreads the inspirational clean hands message “wash your hands to help keep grandparents and loved ones safe,” it allows this small family-run shop, forced to close its doors during this global pandemic, to be sustainable.

For every “Spread Love” t-shirt sold, Coco + Lala supports Share Our Strengths #NoKidHungry to give 10 meals for kids at home from school in need of food.

“My children miss their grandparents and aunties. I want my children to know that little actions today, like washing hands, can make a huge difference for their grandparents and loved ones to help keep everyone safe,” Doherty, a mother of four, said.

“Everyone is encouraged to post pics wearing ‘Spread Love’ t- shirts and/or washing your hands to help keep your grandparents and loved ones safe. Use #WashHands4Grands,” she said.