Good evening everyone and thank you all for coming. I would like to specifically recognize some distinguished individuals for being a part of our ceremony tonight. Thank you chairman of the Board of Education, Mr. Harman and Board of Education member, Mr. Burke. Thank you Dr. Brenner, the Superintendent of schools as well as Assistant Superintendents, Dr. DaSilva and Mrs. Klein and our district administrators. Thank you to the incredible Principal Dunn and our outstanding Assistant Principals, Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. Spark, and Dr. Greenwood.

Thank you Mr. Ribeiro, our Director of Guidance, our tremendous faculty, school counselors, coaches, support staff, cafeteria staff, and custodial staff. I would like personally thank all of you here in the audience, our wonderful parents, families and friends. And last but certainly not least, the most honored guests here this evening, the Class of 2017. It has been an incredible privilege to represent this phenomenal class as the Community Council President.

I am so proud of everything that this class has been a part of and I cannot wait to see how each and every one of you flourish in the next step of your lives. I believe this year has been characterized as one of individuality yet camaraderie. Every student felt encouraged to explore their individual talents and strengths, and there always seemed to be a great support system of their classmates backing them up. The record attendance at Homecoming and the Spring Musical, and the consistent support of the art department, our sports teams during every season, and numerous events and meetings of our clubs demonstrates how our class consistently celebrated so many of our unique talents.

I have to thank our Community Council class officers for the Class of 2017, Izzy Howe, Laurie Travaglini, JP Document, and Liz Borecki for all of their outstanding work as our class representatives and going above and beyond to make this year so memorable (especially the best prom night we could have ever asked for). I have to give them so much credit for all their help as well as our incredibly supportive faculty and administration, especially since many of my classmates give me way too much credit. I think it is a good time to clear some things up: I was not in charge of bringing therapy dogs to school during midterms,

Wellness day was completely out of my hands, and finally, I really have no say in if we are going to get a snow day (trust me, if I did, we would have been graduating at the end of July). But I seriously do love to hear all of your appreciation, and I hope you will direct it to everyone working tirelessly in the main office and around the school. We truly have accomplished so much these past four years and all of the students should be so proud of their achievements, getting through all of the bumps in the road that comes with being in high school, and graduating with 4 years of an education in and out of the classroom under their belt. Congratulations Class of 2017, you are all truly destined for incredible things.