'Something is terribly wrong': Duff criticizes Norwalk police investigation into spitting incident

NORWALK — State Sen. Bob Duff claims “something is terribly wrong” at the Norwalk Police Department after an internal investigation found no evidence of widespread misconduct from city police officers who confronted him during a July meeting.

“It’s pretty apparent this was a belated and weak effort by the police chief to paper over the problems he can’t fix in his department,” Duff said in a statement Monday night.

An internal investigation was launched in September after the state Senate majority leader claimed he was “bullied” by Norwalk police for his role in passing the police accountability bill during a July 24 meeting with the department officials.

Duff claimed he was intimidated by as many as 30 Norwalk police officers who, after the meeting in police headquarters, verbally harassed him then approached his car in a threatening manner. Another officer, he said, spit at him during the incident.

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