Frequent visitors to businesses on Darien’s Tokeneke Road near the train station should doublecheck they are in the right time limit spot for their needs after a recent change.

A new sign indicating spots that were previously two hour are now one hour was recently installed. Though the sign itself with arrows indicating which direction is two hour vs. one, appears to be in the middle of a spot, Darien Police confirmed that spot is included in the one hour limit.

According to Darien Police Chief Donald Anderson, Darien’s Public Works Department reports they “they installed this sign duo recently and they placed it as far as they could to one side of a space without having to significantly carve up a limb on a dogwood tree.”

Anderson confirmed there has always been both one and two hour spots on the sidewalk side of Tokeneke Road across from the train tracks, but the shift was to create more one hour spots.

“One hour limits in retail areas such as this is really pretty standard and I believe the town wanted to have more availability for spaces that would “turn over” more frequently in order to support the retail establishments,” Anderson said.

Some establishments on Tokeneke Road provide a shorter-term retail shopping experience, such as The Dock Shop, Darien News Store, Johnny’s Records, as well as Village Cleaner and Compo Farm Flowers, that would likely not need more than an hour for their customers.

Others that include a more time consuming experience include drinking and dining experiences such as Sono Baking Co., Meatball & Co. Louie’s Italian Restaurant and Bar, Chez Ernie’s and places like Hands On Pottery that offers pottery painting.

The standard parking ticket for overtime parking is $30 (it was raised from $15 via a change to the Town Code of Ordinances). According to Anderson, the Department of Public Works is primarily responsible for enforcing overtime parking tickets.