Selectmen approve gift to TV-79, bid waivers

Photo of Sandra Diamond Fox

At Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting, the board unanimously voted for a resolution authorizing the acceptance of a gift to TV channel 79 for $50,768, for equipment from The Darien Foundation.

The meeting, which was closed to the public, was live- streamed on TV-79. Many members of the Board of Selectmen participated in the meeting remotely.

Gift to TV-79

This gift is related to TV-79 and a new platform called

Mike Wheeler, chairman of Darien TV 79’s Advisory Board, said the town really hasn’t updated the basic infrastructure of TV-79 since it launched.

“Through The Darien Foundation, they’ve given us a grant that we can use by, which is a platform that’s used by about 400 municipalities,” he said.

It will enable the town to get access to every live meeting on demand, almost instantaneously, according to Wheeler.

“This will help vastly improve our work flow,” Wheeler said.

“We also have two new cameras,” he added.

The program manager will also be able to program announcements and a lot of other content, according to Wheeler.

Right now, only about half of the meetings that are shot ever get on the Darien TV-79 LIVE. They’re on vimeo.

“This way, we’ll be able to broadcast all of the 800 hours that we record in a calendar year,” Wheeler said.

The new platform will be implementing in the summer, Channel 79 will be off line for three days during the installation.

The Darien Foundation is an independent, community-based, public charity.

Bid waivers

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to waive competitive bidding to replace the HVAC condensing unit at the Darien Police Department.

“It’s urgent that we get the replacement unit in as quickly as possible before the summer cooling season,” said Town Administrator Kate Buch. “The manufacturer has provided a substantial discount and a rebate to us as compensation for the fact that the previous unit did not last. It was failing us.”

The town had already appropriated the funds for this replacement, according to Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson.

A second bid waiver was for the requirement for competitive bidding for Darien Police Department’s building management’s system. This was unanimously approved as well.

The police department will be using the same system that’s in place at Town Hall.

Town Hall closed to public

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Darien Town Hall is operating on an essential staff only model. No public will be coming into Town Hall. Residents can access town services by going online or calling by phone.

“We are trying to limit anyone’s interaction in person with Town Hall staff,” Stevenson said.

Watch the Board of Selectmen meeting on Darien TV/79.