A second Darien resident has died from coronavirus in Darien, according to data released by First Selectman Jayme Stevenson on Tuesday. This resident is listed as over 70 years old on a town chart.

Currently, no hospitalizations have been reported for Darien residents.

The first death of a Darien resident was announced by Stevenson Sunday evening via Facebook live.

Stevenson said she addressed the community in person on Sunday night to share the “sad news.” She said she could not add any further information due to privacy.

She added that “it hits home for me because this individual was about my age and the age of my husband, so the virus isn’t sparing anyone at this point.” She said the person who died was between the ages of 50 and 59.

Stevenson also said Monday, at a special Board of Selectmen meeting, a new nurse has been hired in the town to be dedicated to specific data, especially with regard to hospital discharges. Only 8.4% percent of Murphy Medical Associates tests have come back positive, she said.


As of Tuesday, April 7, there were 7,781 (+875) cases, 1,308 (+87) hospitalizations, and 227(+71) deaths in Connecticut. Out of those, 4,136 (+417) cases, 613 (+41) hospitalizations, and 132 (+31) deaths in Fairfield County. In Darien, there were 112 (+83 cases, and two deaths in Darien.

There were 29,036 patients tested in Connecticut (+2,350).

The split in Darien is 50/50 between males and females. Stevenson said the most impacted have been the ages of 40 to 69.

Latest restrictions require retail and grocery stores to limit capacity to half of their legal occupancy, and must take measures to keep customers apart and enforce social distancing. That includes restricting aisles to one-way where possible, maximizing space in checkout lines and high-traffic areas, and using plexiglass shields to separate employees from customers at checkout lines, “where practicable.”


Testing in Darien continues on Mondays at Darien High School from 1 to 4 p.m. On Sunday, First Selectman Jayme Stevenson announced an additional day of testing on Fridays from 9 to 12, starting this Friday.

Dr. Steven Murphy said Murphy Medical Associates hopes to continue to add dates as staff and supplies are available. He said Stevenson has been a “essential, a great leader for the town and wants testing every day.”

“We wouldn’t be in Darien without her,” she said. On Sunday, Stevenson said that those who want a test do not need a doctor’s prescription, they can visit coronatestct.com.

Murphy Medical and the town are also exploring the ability to provide antibody testing in Darien when it is available — it is unclear when that might happen.

This past Monday, April 6, 46 tests were administered. On Monday, March 30, 46 people were tested in Darien. The previous Monday, March 23, while 50 appointments had been made, only 22 were tested. There was a snowstorm, which may have impacted those scheduled to show up.

As to how you know if you have recovered from the coronavirus, Stevenson said the patient must be symptom free for 72 hours without the use of fever reducers. Then you will be tested twice within 24 hours and both must come back negative.

More info: darienct.gov