St. Luke's Church will celebrate Earth Day at Discovery Hour on Sunday, April 22, from 9 to 10 a.m. in the parish hall, with a panel discussion by members of Darien's Green Team.

The Green Team is an umbrella organization of 20 local groups involved with important environmental issues in town. Its purpose is to encourage more people in Darien to be aware of the need to protect the environment and become better stewards of land and water resources..

Shirley Nichols of the Darien Land Trust; John Schlachtenhaufen of the Tree Conservancy of Darien; Tallie Macdonald of Friends of Tilley Pond Park; Noelle Henderson of Darien Edible School Gardens; and Nina Miller of Choose to Reuse will each present a brief update of what their organization is doing to make Darien a beautiful, healthy and safe place in which to live.

The community is invited to attend and learn what they can do to be a part of the effort.

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