Darien residents were honored Oct. 26 at the annual meeting of STAR, Inc., Lighting the Way.

STAR is a not-for-profit organization that serves individuals and families dealing with developmental disabilities. The agency’s 63nd Annual Meeting and Recognition Awards also included the election of new and returning board members.

President Kenneth (Obie) Harrington-Howes of Darien headed the proceedings and STAR’s Executive Director Katie Banzhaf led the awards portion of the program.

Darien residents who were recognized at the meeting were: Katrine Ryan, who produced a biopic video about Norwalk STAR client Billy Tolles named, “STAR, Inc., Lighting MY Way”; Melka Chiari, supervisor at Whole Foods Darien, who was presented with the Employer of the Year Award for her work with STAR client and Whole Foods employee Charlie Sherman; and Harrington-Howes, who was recognized for his service and support of STAR.