Meet Squiggles, the Darien pig. He may not have his own web designed by Charlotte, but he’s still ‘some pig!’ Squiggles lives with two bulldog siblings. He’s about one year old, and was rescued from a Long Island, N.Y., pot-bellied pig rescue. His mom, Erika Allen, says Squiggles is a wonderful pet, and in many cases, easier and cleaner than a dog. There are many pot-bellied pigs who are in need of rescue in Long Island. Erika says she doesn’t understand why anyone would be discouraged from getting a pig as a pet. Squiggles is very affectionate and burrows close when he sleeps in bed with her at night.

Erika runs Darien’s Handwork School, and says Squiggles makes a great classroom pet with her young students. She teaches sewing, knitting, crocheting and more. Vist for more information.

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