SEPAC, Darien Library offer talk on youth anxiety Wednesday




Darien SEPAC and Darien Library are offering presentation on Social Anxiety & Generalized Anxiety Disorder by national expert Jerry Bubrick, PhD. on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 12 to 1:30 pm, in the Darien Library Community Room. Dr. Bubrick, a senior clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, has been featured in mainstream media and the highly-acclaimed films Like and Angst.

Dr. Bubrick will explain the signs and symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety - from worrying about everyday stressors to being intensely self-conscious and terrified by others' perceptions. He will describe the importance of understanding and addressing anxiety when it interferes with performance and relationships. Dr. Bubrick will also explain anxiety as a primary disability or comorbidity to another disability. In addition, Dr. Bubrick will share proven strategies for managing anxiety and how to get the help your child needs.

Bubrick is a senior clinical psychologist in the Anxiety Disorders Center and director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Service at the Child Mind Institute in New York City. Widely recognized for developing one of the world’s most intensive pediatric programs for OCD, he is a pioneer in using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat children and teens with OCD and related anxiety disorders.

Featured in media such as Newsweek, The Washington Post and ABC Primetime, Dr. Bubrick is a sought-after expert and speaker. A dedicated advocate for children and their families, Dr. Bubrick is a significant public voice educating parents and teachers about the fear at the roots of anxiety — and how it’s effectively treated.