Grab a cup of coffee Friday at Espresso NEAT and it will be a sweet experience whether you take sugar or not.

During Royle Elementary School’s Royale Act of Kindness Week, the students’ focus on and commitment to kindness will also extend outside the walls of Royle and into the community thanks to a unique partnership with NEAT coffee shop (20 Grove Street, Darien). Together in their classrooms, students decorated coffee cup sleeves, either with cheerful pictures or messages of kindness. NEAT baristas will distribute these Kindness Coffee Sleeves to customers on Feb. 7, giving Darien residents an extra dose of kindness with their coffee.

The annual Royle Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week spotlights acts of kindness at home, in school, in the community and in the environment.

Throughout the week students will record acts of kindness performed or observed on cut-out hearts that will be added to a Kindness Mural located within the school. As more kindness is captured and recorded, the accumulation of the hearts will spell out the word, “KIND,” demonstrating that little acts of kindness can add up to create something bigger.