Rowayton has a new seasonal ice rink at Bayley Beach. This rink is a one-winter learning experiment -- the Sixth Taxing District and a group of volunteers are testing the waters to see the level of interest and the feasibility of a seasonal rink at Bayley Beach.

The new temporary rink was built by a group of volunteers without any district funds. There will be additional and recurring expenses going forward to maintain the rink over the course of the season. This is to be performed by a group of volunteers.

An organization, to be called the Bayley Ice Rink Association, will be overseeing this endeavor. The group is looking for volunteers and donations to make this rink operational. Rowayton will need to experience more cold weather before the rink will be usable.

Once the rink is operational, volunteers will maintain and self-patrol its use.

Visit Facebook and look on the Community Fence to see when the rink is usable and when there will be special events. If you would like to join the association, contact Mike Barbis, district commissioner, or Frazer Herbert for more details. They can be contacted via email at

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