DARIEN — Grizzly, a Darien police K-9 who was retired last month due to terminal bone cancer, has died.

The former Darien K-9 lost his battle to bone cancer on Monday night, according to Police Chief Ray Osborne.

“He was suffering,” Osborne said. “There was nothing they could do further. So they decided to end his suffering. We thought he was going to be able to live longer, but the end came quick which we’re sorry about.”

News of Grizzly’s death was posted on the Facebook page for Superior Tactics and K-9, the service who helped train Grizzly and cared for him in his final days, on Monday night. According to the post, written by Frank Reda who took Grizzly in after his retirement, Grizzly’s cancer had rapidly deteriorated in his pelvis to the point where he couldn’t stand or function anymore.

“As I sat with him outside waiting to be called for me to carry him in, my family and I sat there comforting him,” Reda wrote. “But by the look in his eyes, it sure felt like he was trying to comfort us. A truly special dog that was a blast to be hang with. Thank you for your service K9 Grizzly and thanks for just being you!”

Grizzly, a 3-year-old Labrador retriever, joined the Darien Police in September of 2016 and worked in patrol with Officer Leslie Silva. In February, Grizzly began limping and showing signs of pain in one of his hind legs. A local veterinarian subsequently diagnosed Grizzly with chondrosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer.

After consulting with a vet, an oncology specialist and several K-9 professionals, it was determined it was best for Grizzly to go into retirement. His last day with the department was April 11.

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