Sunday’s downpour most likely put a damper on many outdoor activities in Darien, but it only seemed to increase one — documenting the flooding at Pear Tree Point Beach.

Armed with cell phones and cameras, a handful of people were at the beach in the rain, taking photos and videos of the flooding — and sending them into The Darien Times.

Many of the emails that were submitted copied more than 90 people.

In her email, resident Lisa Ryan-Boyle, who sent in several photos, wrote that she was unable to drive into the Pear Tree parking lot because the water was “fairly deep.” So, she pulled up to the gatehouse and took photos from there.

The residents who were out on the beach were reacting to the proposed $2.5 million renovation project at Pear Tree Point Beach.

In one email, which included several photos, Darien resident Perry Boyle wrote:

“Forget FEMA regulations about flood zones. Forget independent studies for this site that show that flooding will be an increasing problem. What about just plain common sense? Who in their right mind would put an almost $3mm building on this site?”

Other residents sent in letters to the editor on this topic, and out of a total of six letters, only one supported the proposed renovations.

For more information on the proposed project, click here.