The Republican Town Committee voted 21 members into two-year terms at its caucus Monday night in the Town Hall auditorium.

All registered Republicans in the town of Darien were invited to attend the caucus, which lasted less than 30 minutes and abided by a new set of rules.

"In an effort to allow people to come to this caucus with full knowledge of who they will be voting for, the Republican Town Committee thought it was appropriate, and I think the committee here heartily agrees, that the names of all the candidates be published in advance," said Sam Schoonmaker, a member of the RTC's rules committee. "The names of the slate of the candidates are to be published 10 days in advance. The names of any petitioning candidates are to be published five days in advance of this caucus."

In the past, nominations were taken from the floor, Schoonmaker told the crowd. "That did cause some problems, because a group of friends could get together secretly and bring a bunch of people into the room without knowledge, and nominate someone ... and that's not very transparent. That's not the way a caucus should be run in the opinion of many."

The few dozen Republicans in attendance were provided with a packet providing short biographies and colored headshots of each nominee on the slate. Schoonmaker's wife Carolyn, who served as chair of the nominating committee for the RTC said she was pleased to nominate a slate of "12 men and nine women representing every voting district in Darien" who were selected because "they have a wide range of experience."

The district-by-district break down of the new RTC members is a follows. From District I: John A. Bishko; Gilbert S. Kernan; Joseph A. Pizzarelli; Peter L. Truebner; and Gwendolyn W. Van Paasschen. From District II: Richard Allen DiDonna; Joi Reiner Gallo; James G. Rickards; Elyse G. Ryan; Walter Simon; and Sara K. Zagrodsky. From District III: Eugene F. Coyle and Sara A. Franzese. From Disrict IV: Harry L.M. Artinian asnd Victoria M. Smith. From District V: John V. Boulton; Charline V. Dale; Susan J. Marks; and Debra McGarry Rictchie. From District VI: Robert Frederick Mazzotta and Raymond D. Slavin.