Michael R. Doyle and Linda Doyle to Eric Sullivan and Monica Caminiti, Map 17 Lot 97 Leroy Avenue, $780,000.

Kenneth G. Brown and Susan Alexandra Steele to John Mezzacappa and Gloria Mezzacappa, Map 48 Lot 18 Patton Drive, $785,000.

Christopher C. Whitney and Elizabeth M. Whitney to Keith P. Davey and Marina S. Davey, Map 15 Lot 104 Oak Crest Road, $1,735,000.

Charles T. Harris III and Dudan K. Harris to Glen J. Moore, Trustee, Rucci Burnham Carta & Carello LLP, Map 59 Lot 8 Long Neck Point Road, $10,200,000.

Helen L. Hewson to Richard P. Gabriel, Map 9 Lot 116 Hanson Road, $1,800,000.

Richard P. Gabriel and Diana K. Gabriel to Herbert S. Washer and Shelley L. Washer, Map 7 Lot 42 Blueberry Lane, $3,500,000.

Mark B. Cohen and Stasha B. Cohen to Jennifer J. Millones, Map 65 Lot 9 Homewood Lane, $3,975,000.

David Coppe and Maria Carolina Zambrano to Michael Bogdan and Molly Bogdan, Map 45 Lot 61 Thomasina Lane, $1,062,500.

Elizabeth W. Doughty to Amanda B. Faulkner, Map 66 Lot 52 Berry Lane, $1,445,000.

Jin K. Lee and Mija Lee to Matthew Barnard and Kristin Barnard, Map 1 Lot 39 Dew Lane, $60,752.

Frank A. Simms II and Terry T. Simms to David Coppe and Maria Carolina Zambrano, Map 6 Lot 135 Peach Hill Road, $3,165,000.

Richard C. Breeden and Linda H. Breeden to Joseph King and Susan King, Map 57 Lot 3A Nearwater Lane, $4,995,000.