DARIEN — EMS Post 53, the nonprofit organization that includes more than 20 high school volunteers in its ranks, is welcoming three new members to its board.

Post 53 Director Nancy Herling, a “postie” herself during her high school days, said she was excited to see what the new board members bring to the table.

“It’s great to have new board members to not only help us with the expertise they bring but to also learn how we work and help spread the word about our unique EMS system,” Herling said.

Jay Wood, who has been on the board of Post 53 since 2012, will be the new board chairman. Martha Rhein and Evan Cohen are joining the organization for the first time as board members.

According to Wood, the board provides guidance and reviews the financials of the organization.

“We’re really in charge of making sure Post 53 has the necessary funding to accomplish their mission and address any issues that come up,” Wood said.

Wood’s three children have all been “posties.” Through this association, Wood has been involved with the organization for around 17 years and was asked by Herling to join the board in 2012.

“Post 53 has been a part of the Darien fabric for a lot of years and they do a superb job, talk to anybody who has been picked up. It’s lucky that we have something like this,” Wood said.

According to Herling, board members are elected to three-year terms with the opportunity to run again if they desire a second term. The board is made up of 13 members which include Post 53 Advisors and community members ranging from finance professionals to lawyers to volunteers.

Cohen, an incoming board member, has had previous experiences with the organization and is now directly joining its ranks.

“I’ve had the experience of dealing with Post 53 a couple of times in the unfortunate instances of my children needing emergency response, fortunately everything worked out well but Post 53 was right there really quickly and responded very professionally so it was something that I always saw as part of the community,” Cohen said.

A Darien resident for about eight years and with his work based in Stamford, Cohen expressed a desire to be more involved in the community.

“When Jay and Nancy suggested joining the board, it was something I was very interested in and honored to be a part of,” Cohen said.

The nonprofit, which is currently inching towards its 50th anniversary, encourages high school volunteers to engage in emergency medical training and other duties while under adult supervision.

“It’s always worthwhile to recognize how hard the kids who are ‘posties’ work and the dedication they bring to bear on this opportunity and we should be thankful to the kids who serve our community,” Cohen.

Martha Rhein, also a new member of Post 53’s board, is no stranger to community service. “I’ve lived in Darien for many years and I’m impressed with the organization’s officers,” Rhein said.

Rhein helped bring about the Thriving Youth Task Force, a group with leaders from several community organizations, to Darien almost ten years ago.

“I hope to help Post 53 in many different capacities and getting to know the kids and why they do what they do. I’d like to promote their efforts and hard work and it’s my role to continue to support the great work they do,” Rhein said.