Darien Police are asking residents to stay indoors during today's storm. Numerous trees and wires are down throughout town, making travel extremely dangerous. Stay tuned to the Darien News for updates.

A message from the Darien Police:

"The Town of Darien is experiencing a severe storm that has presented extremely dangerous conditions. More than 50 trees have fallen, bringing down power lines and causing property damage throughout the town. Dozens of roads are completely closed.

We are asking that residents call the police department for emergencies only. Our phone lines are being answered as quickly as possible and responses are being made to emergencies first at this point. Power outages are extensive throughout the town and there is no available information as to when it will be restored.

The Darien Police Department is requesting that residents remain indoors and stay away from windows.

Do not leave the safety of your residence unless it is an emergency and do not drive over power lines!

We appreciate your cooperation. Rest assured we have sufficient staff on hand to meet the current demand and are available to respond to any bonafide emergency."

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