Reports of stolen and unlocked vehicles don’t appear to be going away in Darien anytime soon. Since Oct. 28, the Darien Police Department has received reports of five stolen cars in which the keys were in the vehicles. Two of the five vehicles have since been recovered.

In addition, since Oct. 24, the police have received reports of 29 unlocked vehicles at various locations through town.

“Not one of these cars were broken into,” said Police Chief Donald B. Anderson at the Nov. 6 Darien Police Commission meeting. He added that there were valuables in the cars.

“The word gets out that Darien has nice cars and nice stuff,” he added.

Police catch “a good quantity of these kids,” he said. “They’re usually kids, 16 or 17 years old.”

The cars turn up in Waterbury, Bridgeport, Cheshire, and New Haven.

According to Anderson, protection of property is a “joint effort” between the public and the police.

“We are asking the public to please protect your own property and help us help you,” he said.

Milling, repaving Hoyt Street

On Route 106, milling and repaving of the southbound lane from the New Canaan line down to Greenwood Avenue is underway.

“The contractors said they are ahead of schedule a little bit,” Capt. Jeremiah P. Marron said.

The Department of Transportation has implemented a process called a mill and fill.

“They are milling, cleaning the street twice, sealing, and then paving, all in one shot,” Marron said.

Pedestrians’ responsibilities

Pedestrians have a responsibility to be crossing the street at a crosswalk, according to Anderson.

“Connecticut, by statute, does not have a jaywalking statute but it does say if you’re crossing the street anywhere else but a crosswalk, you have to yield to all vehicles,” he said.

He added that adults have to make sure they are exercising “due diligence” when they’re crossing the street or walking behind cars that may back out.

“It’s a shared responsibility,” Anderson said.

Traffic safety award

The Darien Police Department was recognized by AAA Northeast and presented with the Gold Award for Achievement in traffic safety and an ongoing commitment to educating citizens of the community.

“This is the second year in a row that we’ve been presented with this award,” Anderson said.

Watch the full Police Commission meeting on Darien TV79.