Darien Police stopped a car registered to Bridgeport address with over 100 pieces of mail addressed to Darien residences early Tuesday morning.

At approximately 2:51 am on the morning of May 5, officers assigned to the midnight shift responded to Casement Street in response to a resident observing two individuals on his property.

While responding to the area, an officer observed a black sedan traveling east on the Post Road away from the area of Casement Street. The officer began to follow the vehicle which was determined to be registered to an address in Bridgeport.

Darien Police noted that several of the vehicles recently stolen from the town of Darien have been recovered in Bridgeport. The officer was also able to see that the vehicle was occupied by at least three individuals. As the vehicle entered I95 Northbound, the officer conducted a motor vehicle stop.

Four individuals were removed from the vehicle, separated, and questioned. Each of the occupants gave a varying story as to their whereabouts prior to being in Darien and intended destination. An officer on scene was able to observe from outside the vehicle numerous packages in the back seat of the vehicle addressed to residences in Darien.

A more thorough search of the vehicle revealed over 100 pieces of mail which were addressed to 23 residences in Darien, several of which were incoming/outgoing checks. All of the stolen mail was taken as evidence by officers on scene. Once each individual was positively identified, they were released from the scene pending further investigation.

The United States Postal Inspector Service office was contacted and responded to the Darien Police Department.

The Federal Agents from the USPIS office took custody of the mail with the intention of returning it to circulation to ensure all mail articles reached their intended destination.

This case remains open as the Darien Police and USPIS continue to investigate the suspects. As the investigation continues, it is expected that the prosecution of these thefts will be under Federal Mail Theft Statutes. As such, no further information will be released at this time.

The Darien Police Department is encouraging residents to utilize the post office when sending items of value, and to remain diligent in collecting their mail on a daily basis. If possible, avoid placing outgoing mail in your residential box and raising the flag, as these are visible indicators to thieves of the presence of mail. If you feel you’ve been the victim of mail theft, please contact the Darien Police Department at 203-662-5300