DARIEN — After an investigation into allegations of criminal activity at various Darien school-related events, police have concluded no criminal conduct took place.

The investigation comes after claims by Representative Town Meeting member Jay Hardison that the Board of Education attempted several cover-ups of misconduct by school staff, relating back to an incident in which a Darien High School football coach was suspended for striking a player’s helmet with his hand.

Hardison has also filed a series of FOIA requests against the board, seeking documents related to the suspension and investigation of the coach, Rob Trifone.

Emails were circulated to board members, town officials and members of the press in June regarding these allegations.

In a statement issued Monday, Chief of Police Ray Osborne said investigators determined no criminal conduct occurred during the incidents they were asked to review, including the one involving Trifone and the student football player in 2016. The incident had been investigated by detectives in August 2017 as well, and it was determined no probable cause existed for an arrest, the statement said.

With the exception of that incident, the department “has never received a complaint from any student or parent of a student who claimed to be a victim of any conduct alleged in the information we reviewed that would require a criminal investigation,” according to Osborne.

Board of Education Chairman Tara Ochman said the investigation speaks for itself and the board was happy to cooperate with the police.

“From the Board of Education’s standpoint our job is to do right by the children,” said Ochman. “That’s how we’ve been and that’s how we will maintain.”

Unless additional information is reported, there will be no further action by the police department.