Police break up teen drinking party

Photo of Erin Kayata

DARIEN — Police referred a 17-year-old Darien resident to juvenile court after breaking up an underage drinking party with nearly 100 teenagers present.

On Oct. 29, around 11:04 p.m., Darien police responded to Mansfield Avenue on numerous complaints about an underage drinking party occurring at a home. When police arrived, they found 25 to 30 teens in the driveway of a house. They ran upon seeing police, and officers found evidence of a party in the driveway, including empty beer cans and liquor bottles.

The officers were met by an adult who was called to the scene by the teenager hosting the party in order to help get people to leave. According to the teenager, people arrived who were not invited, and the party got out of control. Officers entered the home, where they found another 50 to 75 teenagers, most of whom ran at their arrival.

Officers found the party-goers had put holes in the living room ceiling and caused damage to the furniture. They found hundreds of beer cans and red plastic cups on the patio of the home, as well as in the living room, kitchen, basement and upstairs bedrooms. The interior of the home smelled of alcohol and the kitchen table was sticky with beer. Police found a table set up for beer pong in the basement and a water bong with marijuana residue in one of the bedrooms.

There were approximately 10 youths in the residence, who were released into adult supervision. The parent of the teenager hosting the party arrived at the scene and told police she knew her child was having a party, but believed there would be no alcohol.

The hosting teenager was referred to juvenile court on one count of providing alcohol to minors. The youth division is investigating.