Police blotter


At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 29, police responded to a St. Nicholas Road address for a burglary alarm.

While checking the home, officers noticed that a rear window, leading into the kitchen, had been broken out. The homeowners were contacted. They were able to grant access to the home through the garage. Officers swept the home for any suspects, finding none.

Officers noted that the second floor of the home had been ransacked. Clothing and other items were on the floor and doors. Cabinets and drawers were found open. Detectives responded to the scene to process for evidence. The homeowners stated they had left for travel on Dec. 26, and that they were on their way home. Once home, they were able to give officers an inventory of what had been stolen. The missing items, all pieces of men’s and women’s jewelry, were valued at a total of $50,570.


On Dec. 30, Darien Police responded to a Tokeneke Road address after a tree technician reported a sliding glass door was shattered.

The homeowners had departed on Dec. 1 and were not returning until April 1. Officers, as well as the Tokeneke Constable, checked the residence for any suspects, finding none.

The officers noted that the second story of the home had been ransacked, finding items on the floor, and drawers and cabinets open. They also noted that all of the area rugs on the first and second floor had been partially flipped over. The owners were contacted and would return home the following day to determine what had been stolen. The residence had an alarm system, but the system had not been armed.

Detectives responded to process the scene for evidence. The homeowners would later give officers an accounting of the missing items, which included jewelry, purses, handbags, and coins. The total loss to the homeowners was estimated to be $47,090.


On Jan. 3 at about 11 p.m. Darien Police responded to Mansfield Avenue and Fox Hill Lane after a report of a motor vehicle accident.

Officers observed a vehicle laying against a fence, facing southbound, off the shoulder of the northbound lane. Officers checked the vehicle, but found no occupants.

A few minutes later, a juvenile approached them and indicated that they had been the operator of the vehicle. The juvenile, a resident of New Canaan, said they had been driving North on Mansfield Ave. and had been behind another vehicle. The other vehicle made a sudden turn, causing the juvenile to lose control of the vehicle and strike the fence. Officers on the scene suspected the juvenile had consumed alcohol due to an odor coming from their person, but when asked, the juvenile stated they had not.

Officers subjected the juvenile to standardized field sobriety testing, which police said they failed to perform to standard. The juvenile then allegedly admitted to consuming three beers.

Based on the above, the juvenile was placed under arrest. They were charged with operation of a motor vehicle by a minor having elevated blood alcohol content and failure to drive right. At headquarters, the juvenile agreed to breathalyzer testing, which measured their BAC to be 0.166 at 12 a.m. and .0161 at 12:22 a.m. The juvenile was processed for the above charges and released on a $250 bond. The juvenile is due in court on Jan. 13.