DARIEN — A Norwalk man is facing charges after he showed up uninvited at an ex-partner’s house early Thursday morning.

Allan B. Bogardus Jr., 58, of Rowayton Woods Drive, was charged with second-degree stalking and second-degree harassment.

Police were called to a home in town on a report of an unwanted party at 12:41 a.m. The caller said Bogardus, their ex-boyfriend, was on their property, possibly walking around the home. The victim was calling from a friend’s house.

The victim told police they had been trying to end the relationship with Bogardus since Memorial Day, but he would continue to show up at the home uninvited. The victim also said they had been getting numerous, unwanted text messages from Bogardus and on June 5, he allegedly slept on the victim’s porch and sent 20 text messages. On June 6, the victim showed police their phone which showed 400 text messages and 75 phone calls from Bogardus, who allegedly insinuated he had voyeuristic photos of the victim. He was also verbally abusive in many of the texts, according to police.

Police located Bogardus’ car in a wooded area near the residence, but he was not inside. While officers were searching for Bogardus, he texted the victim and said he was walking home. Police found him about a quarter of a mile from the victim’s home.

Bogardus confirmed they had been dating for the past two years, but said he was unsure why the victim would all police. Officers said he was evasive in his answers, and said he called and texted the victim about 30 times to find out where they were. Bogardus declined to show officers his phone, but allegedly said he often parks near the victim’s home, sleeps on the porch and throws small rocks at the victim’s bedroom window.

Bogardus was released on $15,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford later that day.