Police Commission: Police issue protocols, Joyce resignation addressed

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The Darien Police Department at 25 Hecker Avenue in Darien, Conn on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

The Darien Police Department at 25 Hecker Avenue in Darien, Conn on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

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In light of the recent protests and marches taking place around the country, the Darien Police Department has issued several statements in regard to its policies and practices when in contact with the public.

To read the documents in their entirety, visit here at Darientimes.com.

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 Darien, Connecticut Police Department FAQs:

Additionally, all the Fairfield County chiefs of police plus the state’s attorneys were recently on a two-hour roundtable discussion hosted by the NAACP. They are working on providing a link to access this when it becomes available.

If members of the public have questions concerning police department operations, “we will do our absolute best to answer them in a timely fashion with accurate information,” Darien Police Chief Don Anderson said. at the July 1 Police Commission meeting. The meeting was held at the Darien Police Department.

Resignation of Commissioner Thomas Joyce

This was the first meeting of the Police Commission since the resignation of Commissioner Thomas Joyce.

“We agree with the first selectman’s comments that his statements are not reflective of the high standards and ideals of the members of the Police Commission,” Darien Police Commissioner Kim Huffard said.

Huffard said she and Commissioner Kevin Cunningham still represent a quorum.

“We will continue to do all the work necessary of the commission while we wait until the Board of Selectmen votes to replace Commissioner Joyce,” she said.

She then spoke about the operations of the Police Commission, saying its members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen, just like all commissions in town.

Additionally, she said all meetings are open to the public and commission members are available to talk with residents between meetings about any issue as well.

COVID-19 update

Anderson said the coronavirus curve is flattening in town. There has been no spike.

“We have stayed COVID-19 free for all personnel at the police department, civilian and sworn,” Anderson said.

Police have been working closely with the Park & Recreation Commission in the event beaches get filled to capacity.

“We have mechanisms in place to have our variable message board signage out there telling people that the beach is now closed because it’s at capacity,” whether it pertains to parking or the beach itself, he said.

Anderson added this will probably be a strong boating season and the department is adjusting its personnel and hours to match that, to ensure there is proper protection.

Ballistic vest for K9 Argo

The Police Commission is passing the approval of the acceptance of a ballistic vest for K9 Argo to the Board of Selectmen for its review. It is a StreetFighter custom vest.

“This vest is much lighter than our current vest for K9 Argo,” Anderson said. “It’s designed to be worn all the time, not just when you need to put it on the K9.”

The vest was given by a nonprofit organization named Brady’s Mission that’s based in Ohio. It’s run by an 11-year-old boy.

The organization donates full-shift ballistic and stab-proof vests for canines who need one.

The value of the vest is about $1,500.

“It’s a top of the line canine vest,” Anderson said. Many other Connecticut towns have received one.

K9 Argo is owned by K9 Officer Amanda Hinkley.

The next meeting of the Darien Police Commission is July 15 at Town Hall, in room 206.

Watch the Darien Police commission meeting on Darien TV/79.