Paying it forward comes full circle for one Darien eatery

Last weekend, the neighborhood group of Friends of Overbook/Rabbit/Brookside organized a fundraiser in order to send meals to Stamford Hospital workers.

“We ended up delivering 100 meals from Four Forks tonight (it was important to us to support a local business at the same time) and we also donated $200 towards the hospitals PPE fund,” said Darien resident Holly Mitchell.

“They were so thankful,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she sent out an email out last Sunday, March 28, and the money “started pouring in, even from neighbors I don’t know. It was amazing.”

Megan Ruppenstein, owner of Four Forks, has coordinated hundreds of meals so far for Stamford Hospital via neighborhood groups. She is also participating in Corbin Cares, a philanthropic coalition that is getting meals from Darien eateries to medical front lines, seniors, and other Darien families who are food insecure.

Recently, Ruppenstein got a surprise call from a local fuel company.

“We have done many many of the deliveries like the one Holly did and a nurse at the hospital is a relative of the owners of Rowayton Fuel. The owner called me to thank me for the food and were so lovely and offered me fuel — a great pay it forward!” Ruppenstein said.

“She said, ‘You have made our sister happy and we want to make your life a little easier.’ It was so nice. I cried,” Ruppenstein said.

Ruppenstein added that everyone has been so great throughout this experience.

“I feel so lucky to be in business and helping and making people happy,” she said.

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