Discussion began Wednesday night on the possible installation of a natural gas line that would run through the Town Hall Fields.

The Parks and Recreation Commission has the authority to determine where utilities are placed on any park land, Parks and Recreation Director Susan Swiatek explained. Because the natural gas line would be buried next to the sidewalk on the slope near the fields, the commission has to approve the project and location.

"The line would come about a foot off the sidewalks on the slope," Swiatek said. "The commission has the exclusive right to choose where the utilities go."

The only potential obstructions for the gas line would be a water main and sewage as well as a storm drain, Swiatek said. One other issue would be irrigation heads that are buried in the ground about six inches from the sidewalk. The irrigation heads would have to be moved but Swiatek said the best option would be to ask the Town not to place the cost of moving the heads on the parks department.

Commission member Susan Daly voiced concerns about the number of people who sit on the slope when watching games. Swiatek assured her the line would be buried and it shouldn't present a problem.

"The line will be buried and it needs to be close to the sidewalks in order to go under the bridge when it crosses the stream," Swiatek said.

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In terms of a time frame, the project could begin as early as August or it would have to wait until November when the fields aren't being used as heavily, Swiatek said.

"If they do the work in August then we can relocate the camps during the construction and the line would be buried as they go along," Swiatek said.

Regardless of when, or if, the project happens, Swiatek said the biggest concern would be minimizing the impact to the parks. The commission approved the installation of a natural gas line with the stipulation that the cost of the project be covered by the Board of Selectmen and the park be returned to the condition it was in before the construction began.