“How many calories do you burn kissing passionately for two minutes?”

This and other holiday facts were part of the fun at the Mather Center Friday afternoon, where a St. Valentine’s Day party was held through the Darien Senior Programs.

Trivia, music, good food and great friends were in the room, with visitors taking advantage of an opportunity to work the heart muscle in numerous ways.

“You never know what you might fall in love with,” wrote Beth Paris, director of senior programs in the Mather Center’s monthly newsletter.

She noted that love—and expressions of the heart—comes in many different forms, fills many different kinds of relationships, and is also a way to exercise one’s mind and body.

“We need love at every stage of our lives,” she said, noting that this day’s party was a celebration of the love in friendships, which bring everyone health and fulfillment.

“We try to do something every year,” said Marcy Rand, program specialist, who helped run the trivia questions with Paris, handing out red roses to those who had the answers to Valentine-related questions, such as “Who were Cupid’s parents?” and “People in which occupation receive the most Valentine’s cards?”

(The answers, respectively, were “Mars & Venus,” and “Teachers.”)

“It’s really important for socializing for seniors,” Rand said. “And friendships are just as important as families, so we try to give opportunities to socialize here at the center.”

And for anyone looking for ideas on how to lose a few extra calories as well, two minutes of passionate kissing will burn off about 150 of them!