On Saturday, May 21, OPUS for Person-to-Person will host its annual Balloons for Campers Day, a fundraiser they hope will help send more than 600 elementary and middle school children from low-income families to summer day camps in the greater Stamford area.

Last year, 18 different day camps participated in the Person-to-Person Campership Program, providing safe and positive environments for these children during the summer months while alleviating their parents' childcare concerns.

During the second week in April, Darien residents will receive flyers in the mail asking them to support Balloons for Campers Day. On Saturday, May 21, volunteers from OPUS for Person-to-Person will place red balloons on mailboxes of those town residents who have contributed toward Balloons for Campers Day.

Continuing their long tradition of supporting OPUS for Person-to-Person fundraisers and community activism, Kelly Associates will sponsor Balloon for Campers Day this year.

"Summer camp can be an opportunity for children to thrive and shine, and we are thrilled to help enable adventures for kids in our community," Jeff Kelly, the vice president of the Darien-based real estate company, said. "We believe in giving back to the community we serve, and we look forward to partnering with OPUS for Person-to-Person for this fundraiser."

People interested in supporting this fundraiser or volunteering to serve as a Balloon Day captain to help distribute flyers and balloons should contact Jessica Sturdivant at j.s.sturdi@gmail.com or visit the OPUS for Person-to-Person website at www.opus4p2p.org.

Now in its 15th year, OPUS supports the Darien-based Person-to-Person organization through fundraising efforts and public awareness with events such as Balloons for Campers Day.

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Last year, more than 22,400 people received assistance from Person-to-Person, including food and clothing donations, funds for scholarship and camp programs, layettes for babies, living assistance loans, a holiday toy store, and more.

For more information on OPUS, a growing organization of more than 200 women, and how to become involved, visit www.opus4p2p.org.