On Sept. 18, around 10:17 a.m., officers responded to the report of an erratic operator on the Post Road, near Hecker Avenue. The complainant stated the vehicle was striking the curb as it was driven. The vehicle was located on Renshaw Road.

Officers approached the vehicle and identified the driver as Adam Manjuck, 45, of Norwalk. As officers spoke to Manjuck, they said he appeared extremely nervous and was shaking. Officers noted that Manjuck’s eyes were red. While officers explained the reason for the encounter, Manjuck seemed to be confused about where he was and which way he had been traveling, police said. Manjuck was asked to step out of the vehicle, at which time police said he told officers he had a hypodermic needle and narcotics under the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

K9 Kenny arrived on scene and conducted a free-air sniff of the vehicle, alerting to the presence of narcotics. The vehicle was searched and officers located a used hypodermic needle, eight wax folds containing heroin, a burned spoon, cotton balls, and a rubber band. When asked, Manjuck admitted to using heroin at 3 a.m. that morning. He then submitted to standard field sobriety testing, which he failed to perform to standard. Based on the above, Majuck was taken into custody. Manjuck was transported to headquarters where he was processed for operation under the influence, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, drug paraphernalia, and possession of narcotics. Manjuck refused all testing, and was released on a $500 bond. He is due in court on Sept. 30.