A pair of projects aimed at improving the infrastructure of Noroton Heights will enter their next phase in January 2018, starting a year of impactful developments in the area. Town officials and consultants will progress to the next part of the Noroton Heights Access Study examining the area’s parking and transportation patterns while the Connecticut Department of Transportation will move to the next stage in its project to replace the train platforms at the Noroton Heights station.

The access study is happening ahead of two approved redevelopment projects that would add more than 100 new apartments to the Noroton Heights neighborhood and redefine traffic locally. A grant for the study was provided through the Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WestCOG) and consultant NV5 Global, Inc. began work on the study in the fall of 2016. Early steps of the study included a public survey for commuters at the station and traffic counts both at the station and the neighboring shopping centers.

An information session was held in May 2017 focusing on the existing conditions at the station and feedback from the public. According to Planning & Zoning Director Jeremy Ginsberg, the NV5 team provided a follow up report for a smaller group of town officials to review during the summer.

The next public meeting for the Noroton Heights Access Study is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Jan. 18, 2018 in the cafeteria of the Mather Center. Participants from the first meeting, elected officials and the public in general will be invited to attend and give their feedback. A third public meeting will be scheduled in the spring following another round of review from town officials. Ultimately the goal will be to develop a strategic plan for long term improvements in Noroton Heights.

“The next step is that Jan. 18th meeting. The first one went so well, if we can get those same people back it would be very good because they gave such good feedback,” Ginsberg told the Board of Selectmen on Monday.

The Noroton Heights platform replacement project will enter its third phase in January, beginning work on the second half of the New York-bound platform. One half of that platform has been completely replaced and is now open. Replacement of the new portion will continue through July 31, 2018. A portion of the New Haven bound platform is already under construction and will remain closed until May 16, 2018 based on the current schedule.

The project is expected to be continue into June 2019 with the fourth and final portion of the platform beginning construction this summer. Connecticut’s Department of Transportation originally began the project in March 2017 with an expected completion of Nov. 2018 but have since faced delays.