Nielsen's Florist recently hosted a holiday event to get shoppers in the mood.

The shop has already been transformed into a winter wonderland and, especially for the evening, holiday tabletops were decorated to give guests a chance to gather ideas for their own holiday tables.

Diane James and Simon Pearce also decorated their own tables with some stunning place-settings. Nielsen's tables were designed by Traci Shefyck, the store's event designer.

There was a raffle with prizes, generating about $2,000 dollars for ABC Darien. The top prize was a signed Simon Pearce book, a basket of goodies for a holiday table and a Range Rover rental for the weekend.

In a funny twist, Nielsens own employee Dail Duhaime won the raffle and promptly donated her prizes back to ABC Darien.

Other lucky raffle winners took home a case of fellow sponsor Nicholas Fuillente's champagne, a Diane James gourmet dish and holiday ornaments signed by Peter Gogolak, Darien resident and famous ex-american football player.

James wore a holiday-inspired red suit which fit well with one of her designed tables as she and her Simon Pearce rep, Ed mingled with the crowd, sipping champagne and nibbled chocolates. Nielsens feel the event was a success.