Four new vehicles from Nissan Darien were stripped of their catalytic converters and oxygen sensors shortly before they were scheduled to be delivered.

The thefts from the vehicles, which were two 2012 Nissan Xterras and two 2012 Nissan Armadas, were discovered while doing pre-delivery inspections and the employees noticed the vehicles were unusually loud when they were running, police said.

The exact time of the theft was unknown but the vehicles were delivered the prior week and parked on the west side of the parking lot where there was no camera coverage, police said. A portion of the chain link fence near the rear of the lot was cut, according to the report. The catalytic converters were unbolted from the vehicles instead of being cut, which was the usual practice when stealing the parts, police said.

The total value of the parts was estimated at $5,000, police said.