New Canaan suspect in hit and attempted murder might have also attempted in Darien

Mynor Romeo Alvarado-Canahui

Mynor Romeo Alvarado-Canahui

Contributed photo / New Canaan Police

Darien Police are seeking the public’s help in information on a possible similar crime that may have been attempted in Darien by a suspect arrested in New Canaan. The victim reached out to Darien Police after seeing the news story about a suspect arrested for criminal attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault after allegedly intentionally hitting a woman in New Canaan with his car.

On Monday May 25, 2020, the New Canaan Police Department arrested Mynor Romeo Alvarado-Canahui of Norwalk, charging him with the above. Read that story here.

In the commission of the above accused crimes, Alvarado-Canahui drove past the victim several times before intentionally striking her from behind and committing the above crimes. The vehicle used, a red Honda Civic, was recovered at the scene.

On Tuesday May 26, after reading about the above case in the media, a woman came to the Darien Police Department who indicated that she had experienced an incident with what she believed to be the same vehicle and driver.

The victim said on April 19, around noon she had been running northbound on Hollow Tree Ridge Road near Camp Avenue. in the southbound lane when a red Honda Civic traveling north crossed the double-yellow center line, striking her with its driver’s side rear view mirror.

The red Honda paused momentarily and the driver made eye contact with the victim before driving away. Upon seeing the released booking photo of Alvarado-Canahui, the victim identified him as the individual driving the red Honda when it struck her, police said.

The Darien Police is asking that anyone who may have been in the area on the above date and time and has any information to contact them. The police are also asking that any residents in the area with home security cameras review any images they may have on that day/time. The police also ask if anyone thinks they may have come in contact with the suspect, to contact them.

“We’d like to remind the public that these incidents, while concerning, no longer appear to involve an ongoing threat to the public,” Darien Police said.

Anyone with information in regards to this case is asked to contact the Detective Bureau at 203-662-5330.