'Never seen lines this long'- Turn out to vote in Darien strong

Large voter turnout had election officials busy at Town Hall Tuesday morning.

Along with an unprecedented number of absentee ballots returned by the morning—5,699 of 6,370 that were issued —many came in person, including hundreds to Town Hall, where people from Districts 2 & 5 cast their votes.

“It’s very busy,” said Frank Adelman, moderator for District 5. “I’ve lived in town 25 years and I’ve never seen lines this long.”

“There’s a high level of interest in the election,” he said.

“This was the busiest six to seven a.m. I’ve ever seen,” echoed Amanda Shaw, moderator for District 2.

“I think we were 139,” she said, where it would normally be about 70 people. “It really felt like double.”

“I don’t know what that means for the rest of the day,” she said, but the town—and possibly the state and nation—may be on pace to set a record for turnout.

Janet Grogan, assistant registrar, noted that the pandemic may be changing how and when people arrive, though it’s not entirely clear how at this point.

“Commuters are not going into New York,” she said, which customarily brings a big turnout in the morning.

“That’s what most of us were the most surprised about,” she said. “There was no reason to catch a train, and yet the line was so long.”