During the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers, especially those in hospitals, are under the most pressure.

Numbers continue to rise in Darien and in the state, as well as the country. On Friday, First Selectman Jayme Stevenson ordered Darien beaches closed at sunset. Numbers for those infected, as of March 27, are 21 cases in Darien (average age 52,) 1,291 cases in Connecticut, 173 hospitalizations in the state and 27 deaths. Out of those cases, 752 are in Fairfield County, with 15 deaths in this county.

So neighbors of registered nurse Katie Geraci, who works at Stamford Hospital, wanted to show their support and gratitude of the job she does. She is a wound, ostomony and continence nurse at the hospital.

Geraci, a Noroton Avenue resident, returned home from a regular day’s work last week to a garage door full of drawings, notes and thanks for her strength and bravery.

“I was so grateful and overwhelmed with emotion of what an amazing support system I have around me,” she told The Darien Times.

The signs had messages like “You are my hero,” :We love you sunshine,” “Brave,” and “You are the ‘i’ in kind.”

Other cards said “We love you for all the things you do,” “Thank you for being an awesome nurse,” and “We love you because — you’re kind, you’re brave, you’re amazing,” among other reasons.

Katie and her husband Greg, a Darien native, have two boys, ages 6 and 4, who both attend Royle Schoo. Greg is a member of the Noroton Fire Department and currently serves as their Superintendent of Alarms.

Katie’s mother, Gail Clear, a Stamford resident, said she’s always been proud of her.

“People are defined by how they respond when times are tough. I see what my beautiful Katie is doing every day now and it fills me with tears of a pride I have never felt before,” Clear said.

Darien has several ways to give back to health care workers — Corbin Cares, a fundraising partnership among several non-profits and businesses in Darien, is working to feed health care workers on the front lines. Find out how to help here.

Four Fours has put together several hundred meals on behalf of Darien neighborhoods and is delivering them to Stamford Hospital. Find out how you can do that here.

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