DARIEN — The Pear Tree Beach Building Committee’s recent meeting ended with neighbors expressing their concerns with proposed changes to the beach.

Several audience members at the committee’s Nov. 14 meeting voiced their displeasure with not being involved in the upgrade process. Jim Harrington, a Pear Tree Point neighbor, said he and other neighbors were concerned because they were not informed of plans or parameters for the upgrades.

The committee held its first meeting on Oct. 24 to discuss various potential additions for the beach.

“We would like to sit down with you and have a meeting,” Harrington said. “We would also like to allow some of our ideas on how we could actually improve our own area before you move on to the formal RFP (request for proposal) process.”

Harrington said neighbors were not aware until recently of the possible changes. “We live there. We really want a really attractive beach area. We really want people to have great recreational facilities,” he said.

Pear Tree Point beach, which is about eight acres, currently offers a bathhouse, concession stand, boat launch, a handicap-accessible picnic area and more. One potential upgrade would include improvements to the concession stand.

Harrington said it would be more beneficial for both the neighbors and committees to work together.

“It would be good to have these people on your side,” Harrington said. “They live there, they’re invested in the community.”

Another resident questioned why no neighbor was a part of the commitee and said safety-related problems are a big concern.

Parks and Recreation Chairman Mary Flynn said there have been five public hearings since last year to discuss the Parks and Recreatoin master plan, which included upgrades to Pear Tree Point Beach.

“These objectives are the results of those meetings that we had,” Flynn said. “We publicized it in every way that we could.”

Committee co-Chairman Randy Tankoos advised neighbors to attend the next Parks and Recreation Commission meeting to voice their concerns.

Co-Chairman Michael Sgroe also noted that changes to the proposed upgrades can still be made at this point.

“There is nothing that is cast in stone,” Sgroe said. “Let’s build something that’s really magnificent for the community.”

The committee’s next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 28.


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