The rusty nail found in a large chocolate chip cookie purchased at Panera Bread in Darien is being described as a "twist shank" one and consistent with those used in the construction of wood pallets, according to police.

Darien police and Panera Bread are investigating the Nov. 25 incident in which a 7-year-old found the 2-inch nail baked into the cookie.

According to the incident report, Panera, 1063 Boston Post Road, told the family that the cookies are delivered frozen to the stores, where they are baked. The victim, who did not need medical attention, told police that she didn't believe the nail was placed into the cookie on purpose, according to the report.

The nail was rusted in appearance and lacked a sharp point. According to police, it appeared as though the nail wound up in the cookie during production. The cookie was baked over the nail, according to police.

The store immediately removed all cookies from their shelves following the incident, according to police.

The Darien Department of Health inspected the store Dec. 2 and continued involvement is expected.

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Panera Bread and the distributor, SYGMA, are cooperating fully with the Darien Police Department's investigation, which includes determining the nail's origin.

A representative from the headquarters of Panera Bread in St. Louis, Mo., was unavailable for comment.