Darien resident Daniel Coonan, father of three, has given The Darien Times to reprint his journal entries going forward as he battles with the symptoms of COVID-19. To read the full journal, go here.

Having dealt with insomnia and strange nightmares the previous handful of nights, I actually gotten a solid night of sleep last night. I was getting my rest-relax-recover plan off to a solid start. Then the coughing and vomiting began.

Based on advice to help with my lung issues, I was already planning to call my doctor (again) this morning to get my hands on an albuterol inhaler. I coughed my way through the chat with his receptionist and she was as sympathetic and friendly as usual — mental note: get her a gift when this is over.

The doctor calls back and patiently talks between my coughs to instruct me on how to use the inhaler. When it arrives, I watch a video online as a refresher because I didn’t really catch everything he said, and I’ve never used an inhaler before.

How do I use this thing?Albuterol and zinc supplements today joined vitamin C, acetaminophen and the other cast of characters in the isolation station rotation. And maybe they joined at just the right time because the day went in a strange direction from there.

Having not been able to smell or taste properly for days, my taste buds suddenly shot to eleven. A normally humdrum lunch of pea soup (don’t judge) and turkey on rye was incredibly flavorful — it was truly bizarre. My reaction was less ‘it’s good that i can taste’ and more ‘what the hell is happening?’

I stood up after eating and felt like my eyes dilate. My loft was awash with color and light. I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror and the dizziness and mental confusion I remember vividly from day one of this thing came roaring back. There is no better way to articulate this then to say that I was totally spaced out and felt like I had been drugged. I curled up in bed in near paralysis and crashed…hard.

As I sit here now I feel completely depleted. The feeling of my body ‘buzzing’ as did it day at the beginning of this has returned. The waxing and waning of this virus is a physical and emotional rollercoaster.

Here’s hoping that the rollercoaster’s odometer didn’t just get rolled back to zero