Darien resident Daniel Coonan, father of three, has given The Darien Times to reprint his journal entries going forward as he battles with the symptoms of COVID-19. To read the full journal, go here.

Saturday, April 4 — Baby Steps

I woke up this morning with the hope that the weekend would bring some rejuvenation and recovery. Instead I got up trying to figure out if the color of what I started coughing up was a good sign…or not. All other symptoms remained the same.

Biology was definitely not my best subject in high school. I was generally a good student throughout school. But I vividly remember sitting on the padded bench in my parents’ kitchen with a look of total defeat on my face as my mother sat by my side and tried to help me study for a test the next day. I knew at that moment that I would never live up to the Dr. Dan nickname. But I digress.

I want to make sure I’m observing my symptoms and doing everything I can to get better. But I don’t want be calling up my doctor constantly What about Bob? style as I’m sure he has more important things to do. I’m left with searching the web (scary!) and sifting through the onslaught of recommendations on social media.


—Take ibuprofen for the aches and pains

—Don’t take ibuprofen - it makes COVID worse

—Ibuprofen is fine - there is no proof

—Take acetaminophen for the fever

—Don’t take anything for the fever

—Take acetaminophen if your fever is too high

— The fever is good - means your body is fighting the virus

— Stay in bed and rest

—Don’t lay on your back in bed - it’s bad for your lungs

—Thick yellow mucus is your body getting rid of a lung infection - that’s good

—Thick yellow mucus means you have a lung infection - that’s bad

I’m just going with water and rest like the doctor told me — and some vitamin C — and maybe some acetaminophen…or not.