Every year, new phrases, words, expressions and terms pop up that we've never seen or heard before and become a part of our collective vocabulary. Some of them become so popular they instantly attain cool status.

I've always loved newly coined expressions that try to describe the coolness, greatness or special nature of a moment or thing.

Back in my hippie days, I admit to using my fair share of "far out" and "groovy." (According to urbandictionary.com, "far out" is something so cool it cannot be compared with anything on this planet, while "groovy" means awesome, cool, excellent.)

Detective Inspector Alec Hardy, the lead character in the brilliant British show "Broadchurch," which recently finished its eight-episode run on BBC America, used the expression, "out bloody standing," in episode four, when he came across a bit of new evidence in the murder case he was working on.

His exact words were, "Outstanding, out bloody standing." I nominate it for the hippest new expression to come down the vocabulary turnpike in a while.

Will it become part of our collective vocabulary? I certainly hope so.

I've never gone on Facebook and stated what I "like," whether it's photos, music, restaurants, popular websites or friends' status updates -- I've also never updated my status. So I'm going to take this opportunity to say what I'm currently really liking; in other words, here's what I think is out bloody standing.

"Broadchurch" hooked my wife and me from the start. The writing and acting were incredible; each episode was a standalone piece of brilliance.

It was so much more than a murder mystery; it explored the complexities of the human condition while showing how the people of Broadchurch were affected by the case.

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It raised a great issue as well. How well do we know the people in our community -- our friends, neighbors and family?

CNN's "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown" is the perfect mix of a travel and food show.

Bourdain gets to go to places off the beaten path in the countries and states he visits.

He samples the local delicacies, hangs out with the locals and immerses himself in the culture.

The episode where he toured Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, showcasing the region's history, culture and food was definitely out bloody standing.

Dion's latest CD (2012), the incredible "Tank Full of Blues."

It's his first blues album with mostly original songs. After 54 years, he's still making great music; he's still creative and relevant.

"A Teenager in Love," sung and released by Dion and the Belmonts in March 1959, is considered one of the greatest songs in rock and roll history.

Dion said, "The best music is a search for the truth," and the lyrics in "A Teenager in Love" definitely capture the truth of teenage love, and who hasn't been "A Teenager in Love?"

We're lucky to have him still around. While on the road with Buddy Holly in 1959, he couldn't see paying $36 for a seat on a chartered plane -- the exact amount his parents paid in monthly rent.

The plane crashed and claimed the lives of Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper.

Dion also overcame a heroin addiction.

He ends "Bronx Poem," the last song on "Tank Full of Blues:" "With great love and affection, a kid from the Bronx, rave on." From another kid from the Bronx, "Thank you! And keep on rockin' and ravin' on with your music."

Enter The Haggis' "Gutter Anthems" and "Whitelake" CDs. ETH is a Toronto-based Celtic Rock quintet that plays fusion, bluegrass, traditional Celtic music, folk and rock; they're both great musicians and storytellers.

Their music makes you want to get up and dance and gives you a lot to think about.

My wife and I have seen them twice at Stage One -- front row seats -- a very cool and intimate music venue in Fairfield.

From the moment they went into their first song, we knew we were in for an evening of great music.

We left haggis heads.

A review of the band in The Washington Post said, "With its bleating bagpipes, reverberating guitars and fierce drums, Enter The Haggis sounds as if it's orchestrating a manic pub-crawl."

Grilled cheese sandwiches on Brennans Irish White Bread, with tallegio -- the perfect grilled cheese -- and tomatoes and jalapeno peppers from our garden.

It's an explosion of melt-in-your-mouth flavors, comfort food for the soul.

Morning walks down to the beach with my wife are the perfect way to start the day; it's always a different tableau and gives me a hit of serenity. Out bloody standing!

Barry Halpin can be reached at barryhalpin@aol.com.